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Hi! I'm Danny, and I created this website to help you get in shape by doing what actually works. I'll give you all the information you need to become your own personal trainer. I'll even show you how to get fit from home and do it all as cheap as humanly possible!
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Danny Ajini, creator of Stupid Simple Fitness

Fitness So Easy It's Stupid Simple

The fitness industry is full of people trying to take advantage of you...
We cut through all the BS!

Nutrition Information

We'll show you how to get healthy eating foods you actually LIKE TO EAT!

  • Eat Food You Like
  • No Paleo
  • No Cleanses
  • No Starving
Nutrition Info

Training Information

We'll show you the best way to workout for both men and women!

  • Real, Effecient Exercises
  • Get The Results You Want
  • Workout From Home Or A Gym
  • No Fitness Cults
Training Info

Reach Your Goals

Want to lose weight or gain muscle? Learn the best way possible!

  • Lose Weight & Gain Muscle
  • Get The Body You Want
  • Look Healthy
  • Don't Backtrack
Goal Specifics

Avoid All The Myths

Don't fall for these fitness myths, they'll waste time, money and energy!

  • Only Buy What's Needed
  • Learn To Spot A Myth
  • Get What Works
  • Don't Get Ripped Off
Fitness Myths

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