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All About Stupid Simple Fitness

Stupid Simple Fitness was created to give people free information regarding fitness, nutrition and training. There is a lot of bullsh*t in the fitness industry and I personally have seen it all first hand. Many people want to get fit, and for the most part, most of those people are lazy and looking for an easy way out. Either that or they are naive and gullible and really want to believe all those infomercials. You know the ones. The ones that say in just 5,8,10, or 15 weeks that you can go from looking like a beach ball to looking like your favorite action movie star. All you have to do is just pay 6 easy payments of $29.99. And that’s where you find the motive. The motive of all the fitness companies to get you to sign up or buy their new ab machine. The almighty dollar.

That’s where Stupid Simple Fitness comes in. We are here to bust through all the nonsense and just give you what works, for FREE! Of course, I created this website and wrote all of this content for free. And therefore you are free to utilize all of the fitness resources located within for free. I will give you all of the resources that you need in order to create your own diet and workout plan. However, if you want me to do the work for you I will also be offering custom meal plans based on your favorite foods that you specify. As well as online personal training and coaching.

Who Is Behind Stupid Simple Fitness?

Danny Ajini Creator Of Stupid Simple Fitness

That’s me, the goofy looking dude to the right. My name is Danny Ajini and I am a freelance website developer and graphic designer running my own business. I created this website from scratch in order to share my knowledge of fitness and nutrition with the world. I’m the type of person that really likes to learn everything about things that interest me. I’m not a very talkative person and have never been big on small talk. But, if you happen to drive the conversation towards a direction that I know a lot about I’ll certainly talk your ear off.

All too often, people ask me questions related to fitness. Now that I think about it, I believe these people probably wish that I would tell them a simple secret that doesn’t take a long time to explain. Kind of like those shifty infomercials. However being the person that I am, I’m extremely honest and I love to help people. I will try to tell people everything that I know in one foul swoop, this normally takes a while. Part of my motivation to create this website was to just point people to a website where they could read all the stuff rather than talking their ear off. You have no idea how many times I tried to tell people how to diet and exercise and have it go through one ear and out the other.

A Little About My Story

Growing up, I wasn’t a person who got into team sports. I was basically just a guy who was goofy and didn’t really fit in with the other kids. I kept to myself and ended up putting on pounds as I would eat tons of delicious foods as a hobby. Of course, once I hit puberty I really wanted to start seeing girls but my self confidence wasn’t there and I also felt a physical barrier because I wasn’t in shape.

I wanted to change that. My body type is kind of like an mesomorph/ endomorph mix (muscular body with fat body tendencies). I’ve always had some natural God-given muscular legs and arms. One day I got the bright idea that I could just lose weight and I would lose all the fat that I had and keep all the muscle. Then I’d be a force to be reckoned with. I’d look like a super bad ass action hero.

I began to run on the treadmill. I started off small and then progressed in time and speed gradually. Over time I developed a meal plan where I would go to school (high school) and eat the school lunch. School lunch was probably around 1,000 calories and then when I would come home I would eat a ton of fruit. All together I wasn’t eating very much, calorie wise. I would run on the treadmill for the greater part of an hour every day. When it was all said and done I went from being 235 lbs. to being 150 lbs., which was my goal weight.

After it was all said and done, I looked at myself and I didn’t look as I had planned. I looked at my stomach and there was no 6 pack. My muscles had no definition. I was in a highschool fitness class and before the transformation I could do a few chin ups and bench 135 lbs. After the transformation I was able to do less chin ups despite having less weight to lug around. When I went to bench press, 135 lbs. wouldn’t even budge from my chest after I had lowered it from the pins. My plan was to get super jacked and join a sports team that would aid in my fitness goals. I went to join the shot-put team however I couldn’t even SQUAT 135 lbs. on the first day of training. This was when I knew I screwed up.

That's me after my transformation

That’s me on the left, after my botched transformation. I was 150 lbs. and nowhere near where I wanted to look. I was just super skinny and awkward looking and that wasn’t what I had the potential to be. After that I did receive more attention from girls but only ones that didn’t know who I was. At high school where my reputation superseded me none of the girls gave a flying fork about me so I got depressed and gained all the weight back. My biggest mistake was gaining all of the weight back so rapidly, if you could ever avoid that it would be in your best interest. Now I’m a walking advertisement for cocoa butter as stretch marks run rampant on my stomach, but I digress. Years later I would get the idea to workout and get in shape but the second time around was the time that I actually found out what I was doing.

When losing weight you definitely want to put a great emphasis on your protein intake as that’s what will preserve the muscle that you already have and help you make more muscle. Muscle is what gives your body an attractive shape. Losing weight without focusing on muscle will have you looking like a flabby bag of skin if you aren’t going to lose all the fat that you accumulated.

Me after my transformation

4 years ago I decided to get in shape. I checked online to find out how to workout and slowly began to transform my diet from unhealthy to healthy. You can find out how I did it by signing up for my e-mail newsletter. I’ll give you the same principles that I used and you can apply them to your own diet! And then I also began doing cardio. Soon enough I became addicted to working out and now I won’t skip a workout for anyone or anything. Working out is the best addiction that you could ever wish on yourself!

The second time around I went from being a pudgy 235 lbs. to being a lean 180 lbs. at 5’9″. To the right was the result of my transformation after it was all said and done. When you first start working out you can lift weights as hard as you can and do cardio to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. However, after a few years you need to choose one goal at a time. That being said I choose every autumn now to gain weight and every spring to lose the excess fat that I put on. My current fitness goals are to lean up for the summer, then after that I will try to put some more muscle mass on my upper body (especially the chest).

Are you ready to join me on my fitness journey? Take the first step. Clean up your diet with my FREE e-book. It’s yours when you sign up for my e-mail newsletter. Then take the next step and learn how to create a workout program that’s right for you!