Female Training Routine

Female Training Demystified

I am here to dispel some myths about fitness training that many women have heard in the past. This may be very eye opening for you and you will either love me or hate me for it…or you will think I’m OK.

The Good News

You Can Train Like Exactly Like A Man And Still End Up As A Sexy Woman


As a woman, you can train exactly like a man and get the results that you were looking for. Lifting heavy (6-12 reps for a particular exercise) is the exact way to get that “toned” body that you always dreamed of. Lifting light weights for endless repetitions will not do anything for you. That’s a myth started by the same industry that want’s to keep you out of shape so you’ll keep paying money for useless bullsh*t. You don’t have to lift those 10 lb dumbbells anymore. Unless you are working on a particular exercise where you can only use 10 lbs for 8-12 repetitions then go right ahead! All those manly women that you saw on television were doing steroids and that’s why they look so freakishly huge. It is preposterous to think that you could blow up into a muscle monster over night by lifting slightly heavy for a short amount of time. Men lift for years, upon years, upon years and sometimes even at the end of it all they still look skinny. Weights don’t make you look like a man, male hormones do!

Women Are Inherently Strong

Women are inherently strong, especially in the leg department. This is great news for women who want to lift weights. Get out there and show those men who’s boss when it comes to squats and deadlifts!

You Can Get In Great Shape In A Relatively Short Amount Of Time

If you are in decent shape already, you could be in contest ready shape in no time! Most women that started off as not too skinny, not too fat went on to become stage ready within a year. The reason is that women just need to become relatively lean and put on a little bit of muscle mass. If men wanted to achieve this they could do it in a relatively short amount of time as well. However, most men work for years to keep building upon the muscle that they gained. Don’t be fooled though, you will still need to maintain that physique once you’ve obtained it.

The Bad News

Fit woman

You Can’t Exercise Your Abs To Get Rid Of That Belly And Those Love-handles

One fitness myth that many women unfortunately believed is that they can do crunches or side bends and only lose the fat on their stomach. The truth is that you can’t “spot reduce” fat, unless you use surgery. Fat comes off in the reverse order that it came on. In order to lose the fat off your stomach you will need to focus on total weight loss and eventually that stubborn belly fat will be gone!

Having Less Muscle Mass Means That You Can’t Eat As Much Bad Food

As a man we are able to pack on tons of muscle and this aids us in burning calories. However women have smaller frames and probably don’t wish to gain an excess amount of muscle. You just want enough to accentuate your curves. Unfortunately for you this means that you will have less of a fat burning effect than men do. The more muscle mass you have the better your body will respond hormonally to bad foods.

Speaking Of Hormones

Woman who does bodybuilding. If you are a woman looking to lose weight, don’t pay too much attention to the scale around your period. Rises in hormone levels may cause you to retain excess water weight. You may be losing weight even though the scale says that you are heavier than before. Just stay on your diet and keep doing your cardio and lifting weights and you will have the body you want in no time!

If Your Boobs Are Small And Your Belly Is Big, You May Have To Lose The Boobs To Get Rid Of The Belly

I got some bad news for you. Boobs are made out of fat. Hopefully you already knew that. If your dream is to have a six pack, you may have to give up your dream of having boobs. However, if you already have big boobs and don’t have much fat on your stomach, than your chances of keeping most of that boobage while losing the fat from your stomach are pretty decent. This is the reason why most female fitness models opt for fake breasts is so they can lose all the weight that they want and still have some lady lumps up top.

A Note About Female Steroid Use

Female Bodybuilding Gone Wrong

I will end this page by letting you know some of the side effects of steroid use. Don’t worry this website encourages natural training. But I want to tell you what to look for so you don’t: a) think you’ll become manly and b) idolize women who are enhanced. You may not know this but not all women or people for that matter who take steroids are gigantic monsters. Some of them are just fitness models that take them so they have an edge over their competitors.

Signs Of Female Steroid Use

  • Square Jaw
  • Freakishly Gigantic Muscles
  • Enlarged Clitoris (Caused By Testosterone)
  • Deepening Of Voice
  • Male-like Hair Growth On Body
  • Shredded To The Bone Ab Definition (A Lot Of Non-Freakish Fitness Models Use Steroids To Achieve This)
  • 3D Muscle Effect (Photoshopped In Real Life Look, Again Some Fitness Models Use Steroids To Achieve This Look)