How Much Weight Can A Cheap Lifting Bar Handle? (With Video)

How Much Weight Can A Cheap Lifting Bar Handle?

So How Much Weight Can My Cheap Lifting Bar Really Handle?

On my website I advocate home fitness equipment (because I’m cheap and using home fitness equipment is a cheap effective way to get fit). However, one night a few weeks ago I was in deep thought. I began to think about how I’ve had the same barbell for years and how more expensive barbells are normally rated for weights above 500 lbs. That’s when I got a paranoid delusion and thought to myself, “Oh no! What if one day I’m able to deadlift around 500 lbs and my bar cracks in half and causes me serious injury?” It was then that I immediately Googled the phrase, “How much weight can a cheap lifting bar handle” and I was greeted with the following video.

The thought crossed my mind because I’ve been very into knives and my research into knives has shown me all sorts of things about steel. Such as Rockwell hardness, stress tests, etc. I’ve seen videos of knives that were supposed to be of high quality snap and the inside composition of the steel looked almost like concrete. Translate that over to my cheap lifting bar and I began to imagine my lifting bar snapping and the inside of it looking like concrete.

Not to mention the fact that my vision of my bar snapping also ended in myself being seriously injured.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a super human nor do I possess extraordinary strength. However, I’ve imagined myself getting injured many various times due to my use of home gym barbell/dumbbell bars. I know that a barbell will bend around 400-500 lbs and I have only gotten close to deadlifting 400 lbs. less times than I could count on one hand.

Regardless, I knew that at some point in the future I was going to step my game up and didn’t know whether I should replace my barbell before that point occurred.

Conclusion/ Discussion Of Video Results


As you could see from the video, the barbell was able to withstand more weight than any human would be able to lift (this was extremely comforting to me).

What I liked the most was that the barbell never broke but just bent to a point where it was no longer adequate to use which gives me some serious peace of mind.

This once again proves that when it comes to fitness you don’t always need the most fancy or expensive equipment to get the job done. This video made me let out a great sigh of relief because let’s face it, no one wants to pay $350 plus for a barbell. I mean unless you have that kind of cash to just throw around.

What did you think of the video, and did it meet, exceed or surpass your expectations? Leave your opinion in the form of a comment below and as always, thank you for reading!

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