Pass The NASM CPT Exam! How To With Tips & Tricks!

How To Pass The NASM CPT Exam

Are You Worried You’re Not Going To Pass The NASM CPT Exam?

I recently went and took the National Academy Of Sports Medicine CPT exam and passed with flying colors. That being said, the test definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Stay tuned for some tips, tricks and a study guide to help you pass the NASM CPT exam too!

My Experience With The NASM Exam

I’m going to be very upfront with you. A test that costs over $400 to take and you only get a pass or fail grade is very nerve wracking. Not to mention the fact that if you fail you have to pay $199 to retake the test.

The book lists so much information about the human anatomy, as you read through all of the muscles and insertion points you begin to wonder, “do I have to memorize all this stuff?”.

I was extremely nervous to take the test. I was so nervous that I couldn’t help but procrastinate. The week leading up to the test I found anything to do other than read and memorize my book.

The night before the test, I was convinced that I was going to fail because I didn’t spend nearly as much time as I thought I had to.

The end result was that I passed and I felt extremely confident with the answers to my questions. I’ll share the concepts that showed up the most throughout the test and the areas of the book to pay the most attention to.

NASM CPT Exam Study Guide

  • Know Names (& Locations) Of Major Muscles
  • Know All Assessments & Corrective Exercise To Correct Imbalances
  • Know The Do’s & Don’ts Of Personal Training
  • Know The OPT Model Including Exercises, Sets, Reps, Tempos
  • Know Planes Of The Body & Words That Describe Proximal Locations Of The Body
  • Know Key Concepts About The Heart, Nerves, Blood Pressure, Etc.
  • Remember Concepts From The CPR/AED Class You Had To Certify For To Take The Test
  • Write Down Key Numbers You See Throughout The Book (Ex: Normal Blood Pressure, Sets, Reps, Etc.)

All this may seem like a lot but honestly, if you are good with multiple choice tests and are familiar with the info you should be able to match up the correct answer instinctively.

As I mentioned in the video, it’s imperative you know the names of major body parts and their locations. That way you aren’t simply memorizing long words and you can more easily figure out the answer to the question by simply knowing what muscles are in a particular region of the body and which ones would be involved in a particular movement.

NASM CPT Exam Sample Questions

The following are general examples of questions that I saw on the test. These will help you to get a better understanding of what the test will be like.

  • If a client’s knee moves inward during the overhead squat assessment what muscle might be overactive?
  • If a client does this, they are in what stage of the contemplation cycle?
  • Which of these is life threatening and warrants a call to the EMS?
  • How many calories are in a gram of protein?
  • A squat uses this plane of motion?
  • What kind of stretches would you recommend to a client in the strength endurance phase?
  • If a client’s head moves forward towards a pulling/pushing assessment what muscle needs to be stretched?
  • What is normal for systolic blood pressure?
NASM CPT Exam Questions

Conclusion & Things To Remember About The NASM Exam

Before taking the test, I was very nervous. Not just because of the price of the test but also because there were a few videos on Youtube of people who complained that they failed their NASM CPT exam. They complained that it was one of the most difficult tests they have ever taken in their life. One of the people even said it was harder than the test they took to become a doctor so yeah…I was a little nervous.

The thing you need to remember is that it is multiple choice. So simply being familiar with the human anatomy and how it moves and being familiar with how certain statistics and variables look on paper will help you to choose the correct answer instinctively.

Definitely pay special attention to the OPT model of the book as well as the assessments because these will be imperative in your ability to pass the NASM CPT exam.

All in all, re-read the question if you ever get stuck because sometimes the question will have a hint that helps you to figure out the answer. Or simply re-read the question to know exactly what is being asked to help you better choose an answer.

Good luck and be sure to comment below and let me know your experience with the NASM exam, whether you passed or failed or if you have any questions before you take the test let me know!


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