How Big Is A Serving Of Peanut Butter Actually?

How Big Is A Serving Of Peanut Butter

So Exactly What Does A Serving Of Peanut Butter Look Like?

If you’re like me, than the question of how big is a serving of peanut butter is something that you have always avoided. I’ve spent my entire life mentally blocking out the fact that I’m most likely consuming hundreds of extra calories every time I crack open a jar of peanut butter.

But today, I uncover the mystery of the peanut butter serving size by actually weighing out a serving to the gram and then I show you what a serving looks like on an actual piece of bread.

After weighing out a serving size of peanut butter. I was personally surprised because I expected a serving to be around the same amount that I plopped onto the styrofoam plate at the beginning of the video. However, as you can see from the video 1 serving is actually a decent amount of peanut butter and is enough to coat a piece of bread with a thick helping.

I had a few reasons for making this video. The first is that I personally didn’t know how big a serving size of peanut butter was until creating this video. Previously, any time I would make a PB+J sandwich I would put a thin layer of PB on one slice of bread which probably amounted to about 50-75% of a serving.

The second reason why I felt that creating this video was important was the fact that there is a minority of people out there who are completely clueless to how calorie packed peanut butter is. These are the people who eat a half or a whole jar in one sitting and they obviously need a bit of a wake up call because when it comes to calorically dense food the calories add up QUICK!

Anyways, that’s it for this article. Please let me know what you thought about my first video in the comment section. Also, I’ll be getting an external microphone soon so hopefully I won’t have an issue with the audio in the video anymore. Thanks for reading!

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